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IPv6 and home servers: the varying prefix dilemma

Configuring your home network might be particularly tricky when the IPv6 prefix changes over time. This article provides an end-to-end solution, from the home server stack to the router update scripts. A script for updating your DNS and firewall directly from your router is provided.

GPG subkeys manipulation: use case for the configuration of Thunderbird

GPG subkeys, trust contexts and privacy: the article deals with the concept of GPG subkeys and explains why it is a good practice, making the parallel with other password practices used today for websites. It details how to extract and manipulate subkeys for Thunderbird's GPG configuration.

How to share bamboo Java specs between several projects

Java-specs for Atlassian Bamboo CI/CD is a powerful tool for managing build and deployment pipelines. The use of Java brings composability and reusability to the developments, and let you organize your CI/CD at a larger scale. I describe in this short article how I share common Java classes between several of my Java-specs.

Managing several SSH identities explained

How do you manage several SSH identities when accesses are conflicting? I show various configurations along with their advantages/flaws, giving you precise control over how SSH uses your many identities.

Transferring large file to/from Windows host with Ansible

A very simple example on how to transfer large files to Windows hosts with Ansible

Ugly but useful `PS1` prompt

A prompt with very high contrast

Playing with Pelican (1)

How I configure and build this static site with Pelican