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GPG configuration of Thunderbird with subkeys

General discussion about PGP/GPG subkeys, trust contexts and privacy in general. The article deals with the concept of GPG subkeys and explains why it is a good practice. We detail how to extract and manipulate subkeys and apply this to Thunderbird's configuration.

How to share bamboo Java specs between several projects

Java-specs for Atlassian Bamboo CI/CD is a powerful tool for managing build and deployment pipelines. The use of Java brings composability and reusability to the developments, and let you organize your CI/CD at a larger scale. I describe in this short article how I share common Java classes between several of my Java-specs.

Managing several SSH identities explained

How do you manage several SSH identities when accesses are conflicting? I show various configurations along with their advantages/flaws, giving you precise control over how SSH uses your many identities.

Transferring large file to/from Windows host with Ansible

A very simple example on how to transfer large files to Windows hosts with Ansible

Ugly but useful `PS1` prompt

A prompt with very high contrast

Playing with Pelican (1)

How I configure and build this static site with Pelican